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..when you find out that one of your biggest fans turns out to be stealing yours and others stuff?………

(there are more evidence on my NSFW blogspot)

Wanted to know why I have been feeling down lately? Well, here's the explanation:

For those who don't know, I created a VK  a 2 years ago or so just to meet some other KP fans, mostly from motha' Russia. I came a cross a guy who goes by the name 'KimRon1992' (even on Tumblr) who, despite very broken English, appeared to be a decent dude. We added each other as friends (and followers) on VK and Tumblr and later on he became a huge fan of mine. He would always like, comment and repost my stuff so other's could see (he has over 1000 "friends"). He asked me if I wanted to even give a like to a group (with over 600 members) he created were he would post his own art, and they were... "not anything special", but I said 'yes' but made it so his recent stuff wouldn't show up on my feed because I was already a member of many groups already. He would always ask me sometimes what I my opinions were on his recent stuff when sending me private messages and I would try and sound as encouraging as possible and even tell him he could watch tutorials on YT. 

However, it wasn't until a few days ago as I received an anonymous ask on my Tumblr, telling me that he had posted a ridiculous amount of traced stuff onto Rule34, and I noticed he had traced his art from many artists such as Gagala, Oldandnewfirm, Dinogaby and Deathpulse.

But mostly from me...

He was later added to Rule34's DNP list because even the people there noticed how his work looked "oddly familiar somehow". 

At first I honestly couldn't believe it. What makes the whole thing worse is that I myself have been accused of tracing when I was much younger despite there being zero evidence to back up the claims. But now, seeing how one of my friends, with evidence to back it up, is a thief and a liar and has been doing this for a long time makes me just want to punch something. I have tried to report his stuff and contact him but without any luck. But his group is now locked from any non-member to see or visit.

What a greaaaaat start of 2016, am I right?

Edit 14th of January: So it appears our little "artist" here realizes how he has been exposed, so what is his reply to all of this?

"Dear group members I want to apologize to the great artists that draw Kim Five-with- plus if you copied your robots if you like this it was possible to say and not so blocks me in contact and then another, and insult me even though I polite asked me to copy and paint on your picture the people agreed and then even took them to my collection and then I quit and blocked me without saying anything and it's your normal and if the pattern is similar to what your I have a lot of angles which I copy to different characters because some camera angles I like and so I draw them if you don't like it tell me by writing to me direct in PM and not to insult me on other sites I'm not pleased about people talking so bad I know you draw a lot and I respect that but I'm trying to copy something similar and it's too much labor if you don't want to see sketched drawings or something similar to it but it looks some of mine, tell me and I stop just to draw although this is the only thing that calms me in may life. Thank you again dear artists the honour and respect I really liked all your work thank you if you don't get can dare to leave the group ." (Should also point out he even attached a "photo" of himself smiling to the camera with the stolen artwork edited in behind him, because that does not make him look more of an ass)

:facepalm: Listen here KimRon1992, you clearly are now admitting to be a liar and a thief! And guess what, the original artists can't contact you because you are constantly making it hard for them to do so by blocking them. Even the staff of VK told me they can't get any access to your precious group. :roll:
And the whole "well, but I like your drawings and you are a good artist" excuse are one of the worst excuses you can make, specially if you are a guy who supposedly over the age of fucking 20! I am honestly not 100% against tracing because it sometimes can help someone to improve their art style but when a little shit like you even refuses to look up tutorials and tries to hide the fact that you've been stealing from countless of artists you really are doomed to become a failure within the art community. In fact, being an artist shouldn't be your thing at all if this is the way that feels fine with you.

"I really liked all your work thank you if you don't get can dare to leave the group"... Seriously? So the original artists can't even tell you what you are doing is wrong after you just said that they can? 

So one final thing, KimRon1992, I have reported you to the staff of VK and Tumblr. And if you don't take down the stolen art, as even you know is stolen, then your accounts will go bye-bye.

Edit 26th of Jan:
Oh my god, the level of stupidity hurts!
Turns out his tumblr has been bombed with anon hate and he even responded to one which revealed his email and personal information so everyone can see. Also, he is still stealing. :iconfacepalmplz: 
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Decided to unstore a couple of MLP fan arts I created before the sun existed. 
Is feeling down. Is anyone up for an art trade or collab?
Will be a bit busier than usual because I am working on a (very) NSFW Drakgo comic. I am about to start working on page 9.

PS. The latest Star Wars movie was freaking awesome. I cried Swedish moose tears


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Lova Gardelius
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What’s your real name?

It says in the URL.




March the 3rd 1997

What country are you from?



Don't have one.

What’s your 'real' gender?

Fuck off.

What brushes do you use when painting?

The ones that come in Photoshop CC 2014 and by :icontsaoshin: (you can download his brush pack in his gallery)

What’s your favorite color?


What’s your hobby and dream?

My hobby is drawing and my dream is to make my own games and animated stuff.

Are you on any other website?

DeviantArt - Lova-Gardelius

YouTube - Lova Gardelius

Facebook - Lova Gardelius

Twitter - Lova Gardelius

VK - Lova Gardelius

Blogspot - Lova Gardelius (R-18)

What program do you use to draw?

Photoshop CS5.

I don’t like the stuff you draw!! Change naooo!!


Are you in a relationship with someone?


Who is your senpai?


Can you speak other languages?

Swedish and English.

Do you have any pets?

3 guinea pigs, 1 dog, 2 horses, 1 cat.

Favourite videogames?

GTA 5.

Do you do commissions?

Only point-commissions (DA).

Do you do requests?


Do you do voice acting?

Yes I do.

Who’s ‘Sibuna’ and ‘Huǒ’?

My KP OCs. One is a creepy and aggressive Egyptian mummy child with transformation powers (bad girl) and one is a gay dream-dragon god stuck in a qilin form (good guy).

I hate you because ___!

Good for you! :)

Why do you hate Kim x Shego AKA Kigo?

Hebephilia is anything but sexy, regardless of the genders.

Do you have any triggers?

Donald Trump.

Do you have any illnesses/mental diseases?

Aspergers syndrome (LOL GET IT ASSBURGER!!111!)

All diagnosed by a doctor.

(Asks about MLP)

Whut? I am busy pretending that stuff doesn’t exist.

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:omg: Holy shit...

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